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James Peden, Retro Synthpop Extraordinaire, Collaborates with the World on His Newest Album “Remix Sessions” 


James Peden has released a couple of scintillating synth pop releases in his time, but his collaborative album with artists the world over “Remix Sessions'' might be his most expansive and important work yet. This release will be available on all major streaming platforms on the 25th of March.


“The project has taken over a year to accomplish,” reflects James Peden. “ In 2019, I was a synth-pop artist with no connections or network. Then I started a YouTube channel where I would host artists' music videos and interview some of them. When we reached 8 episodes, there was talk of perhaps creating a remix swap. This excited the artists that were involved in my burgeoning collective which led to “Remix Sessions”.


The aforementioned collective includes artists local to James Peden such as The Safety Word and Minorarc as well as international collaborations with Spaceman 1981 of Russia, ZXSP of the Ukraine and CITZN.X of the United States of America.


In the beginning there were questions of how this project might be funded and marketed but conversations led to using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

“I wasn’t planning on doing a Kickstarter. I didn’t think people would have been interested, but one of the artists in the collective had done one and achieved success. As the campaign was going I kept doing regular posts and started asking people to help me and it hit the target in no time! I am so super pleased that it hit the target and never dreamt it would become a reality.”


With the project properly funded, it became a simple question of compiling all the tracks and producing an awesome continuous listening experience for the people who backed the project in its crowdfunding campaign and people who would discover this after.


“Remix Sessions” starts with the dedicated intro track “Welcome” before transitioning to its first proper track the Cyberpunk-inspired “Neon Nights”, a collaboration with Purple Zain and Jodie Maloney. Then comes the one-two punch of “Progress” and “Existence”, which wouldn’t sound out of place in an 1980s East German discotheque prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. All of the tracks of the album “Remix Sessions” keep up the quality before landing on an unexpected and soaring reprise of a track that had come before.


This album stands on its own as an awesome collection of synth-pop goodness but James Peden has a bigger, more noble goal in mind. “The goal of this album is to help build a network with the artists involved. I am finding that 2 heads is better than 1. Teaming up with someone will most likely give a better result. Having 11 people…well anything is possible.”

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Megalove- Elephant in the Room (Space Elephant Remix)

The Safety Word- My Kryptonite (Forever Synth Remix)
ZXSP- Killswitch 

Spaceman 1981- Never Grow Up


Music Video links coming soon:
Check James Peden's
YouTube channel.

 Click on green text to listen- These song have been released as singles. 


Neon Nights- Purple Zain
Sledge Hammer- The Safety Word
ZXSP- Existence
Smile- Robodop Snei
Escape Egypt- Citzn.x
BE- Gary Franks Remix

Progress- Spaceman 1981
Imagination- BOK Srun

Son of Zev- Breathe
Fire- Minorarc

Neon Nights- Megalove