Electronic Music Show


Infinity Sessions started in 2019 as an idea that came to the founder James Peden to network and help grow electronic artists in Melbourne. The idea was to put on a concert night showcasing electronic artists. The first event was held in Dec 19.


The name came from the movie Toy Story from Buzz Lightyear's saying 'To Infinity and Beyond'. Infinity Sessions is pretty much that moto. The possibilities are endless and together we can go beyond our expectations.


Starting off with a one night event showcasing local artists he has now progressed to an Australian Youtube show featuring music videos, interviews, intros from the artists, and prizes given out on the episodes. 5 episodes are the works and will come out monthly in 2020.

Episode 1- September 25th 2020

Leipzig Lab, Roles (Interview), Human Confusion, Watermelon Boy & Gallagath.

Episode 2- October 30th 2020

Luke Million, Purple Zain, The Safety Word (Interview), James Peden & Julian Smith.

Episode 3- November 27th 2020

Bri & Si, Men Imitating Machines (Interview), Philosophy of Sound, & Pete Nigido. 

Episode 4- INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL - December 29th 2020

The Echoing Green.

Episode 5- January 29th 2021

The Euro Theatre, Fluir, Parralox & Megalove.

Infinity Sessions- LIVE SPECIAL : Feb 2021

Live Concert by Leipzig Lab, The Safety Word, James Peden

Episode 6- March 26th 2021- COMING SOON!

Blake Carpenter (USA), Leiahdorus (USA), Silvatri (AUS), Le3sa (CANADA)


If your an electronic artist and like to be on the show please contact here- jpsoundsmusic@gmail.com