Here is a collection of songs, photos and videos of the past. This page is a place for you to hear exclusive and very rare tracks written and produced by James Peden. Also read stories of past gigs.

SICK DAY- feat Kakra Peden
written & recorded by James Peden 

This song was written about when you are having one of those days that aren't feeling to good. Strange enough James wrote this song on a sick day. This song didn't make it onto any of James' CD releases. 

SICK DAY.1 2.mp3

TIRED- was James' first song to hit radio stations across Australia in 2007. The song hit the top 30 charts in Christian Music at the time. 





Dylan Redman- Drums (longest serving 2006 on wards)

Richie Teh- Bass
Mark Waterworth- Bass
Nate Rate- Bass

Stefan Redpath- Electric Guitar

Played on ONE EP-
Daniel Kelaart- Drums, Electric Guitar, Producer
Brad Bridgens- Bass 


James Peden- Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Renelo Peque- Drums
Kakra Peden- Piano, Vocals
Ben Mawdsley- Electric Guitar
Dane Mawdsley- Bass

This is a list of band members that played for a length of time. However did get one off musicians to help out from time to time.



(2009) James Peden & Kakra Amofa (now Peden) before they where married. 
Getting photo shot for Exploding Now CD. Photo by Dylan Redman
FACT- Kakra has only featured in 2 songs that James has written. 


James had just released his debut EP One in late 2006 and this was one of the tours he played music from that CD. He teamed up with drummer Dylan Redman and drove from Melbourne and played at Jindabyne, Bombala, Cooma and 2 shows in Canberra.

The tour first started with a church booking James in Bombala. James asked if they knew any other churches that maybe interested in him visiting, The tour ended up having 5 shows over 4 days.

Memorable moments was being surprised that snow slopes where so close to where they played in Jindabyne. 

In Bombala locals knew who we where when we arrived. James was filling up petrol and the owner said you are the guy playing a gig here. They had signs all around the town and placed adds in the local newspaper. 

James use to live in Canberra and was able to perform at his old childhood church. Many people purchased his CD saying I remember you when you where a boy.