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James Peden, aka JP, has been part of the Melbourne music fabric for years having relocated from his original home of Auckland, New Zealand. His music is steeped in mid-era synthesisers, taking inspiration from the ’80s – a time where the likes of Kraftwerk, New Order, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys were blazing a trail for electronic incorporation in mainstream music.

JP released his new album in 2020, Instrumental Sessions, a record that stands tall as a transcendent exploration through the outer spheres of the music spectrum.


‘Existence’ is the LP’s most notable track – one that embodies the overarching ’80s-synth theme on Instrumental Sessions. From start to finish, the track befits a helter-skelter video game soundtrack that reaffirms the validity of our very existence. In a time where society has never been more turbulent, reassurance has never been more important.

2021 JP is working on 2 projects Experimental & Remix Sessions. He is teaming up with other electronic artists from around the globe to present you a mixture electronic sounds. 

JP loves to present your popular movie themes to life with his touch of synth remix. He teamed up with voice impersonator Ben Price and released Terminator Remix. He has remixed various themes like James Bond, Power Ranges, and more. Listen here-

This year James featured on Synth-wave show Static Realms, which you can watch in his interview in the video below. 

2020 JP came up with the idea to start a YouTube show Infinity Sessions a music video show showcasing electronic artists from around the world. Featuring interviews with artists like The Echoing Green, Blake Carpenter, VIC-20, The Euro Theatre, The Safety Word, and many more. You can watch the episodes here- 

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